New Release – C.M. Torrens

One of my Romance Diva friends has released a new book and I’ve decided to help her out and promote this new book! Although I haven’t read it yet I know from her other writing that it will be spectacular. Go ahead and read it people! Continue reading


um … WOW!

Well I’ve just achieved one of my big goals when it comes to my writing. I’ve submitted my very first story! It may not be a novel like I’d planned and it may not be to a big publishing house (also like I’d planned) but I wrote a draft, had a friend read over it and edit it, did two more drafts and just emailed it off. The deadline for the submission isn’t for a month or so still so I won’t be hearing anything for a while but I don’t care, I’m still ecstatic that I actually submitted a piece of fiction! An erotic short about two werewolves. So it combines the paranormal, romance and sex, all my favourite things. One goal down a few to go. Now to get onto my next story.

Hello 2013!

The first day of a brand new year. And so far this year is turning out brilliantly. I recieved an email this morning from a member of the Romance Diva’s forum with her critique on one of my short stories. One which I plan on submitting for the Coming Together: With Curves Feb submission. After reading through all her edits and making some changes she suggested I’m very happy with the final product. Continue reading


Even though I love having a time in which I need to finish something, actually finishing within the time limit set out is something I’ve never managed to master. I’ve got two deadlines in the near future, one in Feb and another in March. Both are completely doable, but does that make it any easier for me to do it? Nope. One is a short story where the other is a novella, only slightly longer then the short story. I can’t even blame the holidays as this year I haven’t had to do anything. No gifts to buy, no food to make, no decorations to hang. All I have to do is show up and be merry. So why am I finding it so hard to finish these WIPs? Continue reading