Who Are You When I’m Not Looking

Vivienne is your average twenty-something Australian woman. She has a diverse family, that is continuously added to by in-laws, nieces, nephews and second cousins. Her parents divorced when she was thirteen and have since both found their soul mates. She’s a high school graduate who loves all things fictional and historical. Along with writing paranormal romance (and recently romantic and erotic short stories) Vivienne also likes to create things with her hands. Candles and cross-stitching are her second loves, next to writing, and she is slowly building a business around her love of pure beeswax candles.

Do you pour a little something on the rocks?
Slide down the hallway in your socks?
When you undress, do you leave a path?
Then sink to your nose in a bubble bath?

Vivienne has been writing since the age of five but has only just seriously gotten into pursuing her love of the written word. Currently she is not published, but is slowly working towards her dream of being published. The first full manuscript she ever wrote is still sitting in a desk draw waiting to be edited. Whether this story will ever be read by her soon to be millions of fans is yet to be seen. It’s a lovely contemporary romance that needs a lot of work done to it before it’s allowed to be seen by editors and agents. Vivienne currently lives on the East Coast of Australia but is in the process of moving to Kansas, US. Her loving partner and fiance is an American who is the very foundation of support when it comes to her writing. Without him there would be no Vivienne Crow.

Do you break things when you get mad?
Eat a box of chocolates ’cause you’re feelin’ bad?
Do you paint your toes ’cause you bite your nails?
Call up momma when all else fails?

In the future Vivienne hopes to have a long and substantial career as flourishing Novelist. Nothing would make her happier then sitting in her pj’s every day, writing story after story for the rest of her life. She already has enough inspiration to last her for the next two decades, and more keeps pouring in day after day.

My oh my, you’re so good-looking
But who are you when I’m not looking?

If you’d like to contact Vivienne please click here for contact details.

Song Lyrics – Who Are You When I’m Not Looking by Blake Shelton



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