New Release – C.M. Torrens

One of my Romance Diva friends has released a new book and I’ve decided to help her out and promote this new book! Although I haven’t read it yet I know from her other writing that it will be spectacular. Go ahead and read it people!

In the Heart of Darkness by C.M. Torrens
Book 1 of the In Darkness Series
Published by Amber Quill/Amber Allure
Erotic Horror, Romance Novel
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In the Heart of Darkness

Devonn has lived his entire life in Darkness and chained to the will of another for centuries. When the chance to become free arrives in the form of an ancient soul, Devonn grabs it and runs. But taking the soul and keeping it are two different things. Hunted by demons and a stubborn soul that tests his sanity, Devonn seeks sanctuary with a group of survivors, but he doesn’t expect to find himself drawn to the surly ironsmith thwarting his charms.


Since the world fell into Darkness and unleashed the monsters that prowl the Earth, Mitch Banos has seen more than his fair share of death. With people dying and dangers closing in around the group from all sides, Mitch is sure that attachment to people is a bad idea. Devonn’s persistence pays off, but with the fae woods closing in around the group’s tiny sanctuary and traitors in their midst, Mitch finds himself betrayed and trapped among the fae.


Devonn rushes to find Mitch, which leaves the survivors vulnerable to the traitor within. With the soul tugging at Devonn’s sanity, finding Mitch may become far more difficult than Devonn had expected. With so many things pulling at him, it’ll be a miracle if they all survive…

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