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While I was chatting to B yesterday I remembered that a close friend of mine and I had started thinking up a fantasy story while we were in high school. This was around the time that The Fellowship of the Ring had been released so it had a very LOTR feel to it. Of course we threw in a lot of our role-play idea’s as well. We hadn’t gotten very far, other than figuring out main characters and setting, and Kitty had a map drawn up of the basic area the story would be set in. Until last night I hadn’t given it another thought, but after purchasing the new edition of EMPIRE (which featured Gandolf on the cover and The Hobbit spread throughout) I started to think about it. I can’t remember half of what we had, I remember some characters but not others, and the storyline is completely lost to me. BUT I did find the original map that Kitty had drawn. I’m considering trying to pick up where we left off. But giving it a more modern feel, still having an injection of LOTR inspiration in it, but making it more retro-futurism rather than completely fantasy. It’ll definitely have all the creature’s we’d originally had, man, drow, vampires, fae, and a few water nymphs. Maybe even some trolls for good measure. But I think I might make it slightly more modern. I work better with modern than any other time period. At this point in time anyway.

B should be able to help me with world building as I have a hard enough time with species building. I’m still working on the shorts I need to write for Feb’s sub, but this is just something I’m going to do on the side, not really put too much effort into it until after the move to the States. I don’t want to lose everything if it goes missing in transit or my external craps itself, which I’ve heard they tend to do sometimes. So not cool, but nothing I can do about it if it does happen. Which is likely with my luck.  I did get another idea for one of the shorts I need to write. I’m starting to realize I’m good at coming up with idea’s but writing them down is the hard part. I wonder if it’s the same with other novelists or if it’s just my cross to bear.


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