My Curse

I always wonder if other writer’s have the same unstoppable brain function that I do. I call it “the Curse”, which it is ninety percent of the time, but if I didn’t have it I wouldn’t be able to write the way I do. What “the Curse” is for me is that my brain refuses to stop producing idea’s from things I see and hear (and read). No matter what I’m working on I’ll continue to get idea’s for other stories or even entire series’. I was quite happy with the five or six idea’s I had for my short stories, but as of ten minutes ago I got inspired for a new western contemporary. The TV was, and still is, on and I was reading Kristen Painters new book “Out for Blood” when the show I was half watching ended. Flicking the channels I came across Pro Bull Riding. Something I didn’t even know we showed on TV in Australia, but lo and behold there it was. I’ve never watched it but I’ve always been interested in it as my late Uncle David (whom I never met as he died before I was born) was a bull rider. Now, because of “the Curse”, I want to add a book to my Coulder Ridge Cowboy series with a hero that is a bull rider. Wonderful, fantastic, bloody beautiful. I was quite content to just write my short stories for the next few months, but now all I want to do is research bull riding and write myself a nice long contemp romance. A lot of my writing friends tell me to write my idea’s down on cards and keep them in a box, or write them in a note-book. I’ve tried that it doesn’t really work for me. I either completely forget what the idea was supposed to be for, or what I had intended for it by the time I get back to it, or I forget the idea too quickly to write it down in my notebook. Plus once I get the idea I just want to run with it. Hence why I only have one novel and one short story written, and I’ve been writing since I was sixteen. Boo me!


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