Inspiration in all forms

I still have five idea’s that I need to make into short stories for the submission call in February but I decided to take a break for a day or so. Yesterday I hired out some dvd’s, one of them the new animated movie Brave, to occupy my time and I’ve found myself with even more inspirational idea’s. One of them being a sort of an Irish Snow White thing. I loved the movie and I really like the idea of having my heroine being forced into a marriage she doesn’t want. I can see her trying to escape, to be with the man she truly loves. Even if for only a short period of time. This hero of course I can see being the huntsman from Snow White. I’ve still got heaps of stuff to do to actually get it working properly but so far I know where it’ll be set, in the woods during winter. Sex in the snow could be quite interesting. Who knows maybe I could add the soon-to-be husband for a three-way, the submission guidelines are for an erotica series which say I can do three-ways, or even four-ways. This could be quite fun, I’ve never written a three-way story before. Not one that included the sex so openly. It would be very intriguing to see the view-point of the person who is intending to marry the princess and see what he feels about her tallying with the huntsman. Especially since it’s not a marriage of love.

I wonder how Pixar would feel knowing their children’s movie inspired an erotic short story feature a raunchy, snow-covered three-some?


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