Its taken me so long to get back into my writing. It feels like I’m continuously stopping and starting, taking a break then falling back into it. This time I started writing again because I saw a submission call for short stories. I’d been reading a book or shorts and thought it might be a good idea to try it. Once I’d decided to write a short story I started to get inspiration from everything around me. So far I have five idea’s for stories. One of them I wrote today within a two hour period. It’s at just over five thousand words (the limit for the sub is seven thousand five hundred) and I’m pretty happy with it. B advised that I write all the other idea’s as well and pick which one I like the best. I think that’s a good idea and I’m going to do it. The first short I write was a paranormal about an Alpha werewolf called Malcolm who is trying to bring a rebel she-wolf named Lilith Montgomery back to be his bride. It’s an erotica so it has some hot steamy sex in it.

I think the next short I write with be my parole idea I have. I might write that tomorrow if I have the time for it.


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