A quarter of a Century

Yep, it’s the first day of the next twenty-five years of my life. I’ve already lived twenty-five years and I plan to live at least another fifty more. I have to if I want to finish all the novel idea’s that are rolling around in my head right now. Even though yesterday was a big milestone of mine I really didn’t do all that much. I had planned to celebrate with an old fashion High Tea with my friends and family. Including a game of crotchet and oversized chess and option that was on the table. Unfortunately this did not come about for various reasons. Instead I had a lovely dinner, one of my favourites, cooked by my Mother and a Black Forest Torte as my birthday cake for dessert. It wasn’t the party I had planned on, but it was still a very nice celebration. Plus I still have a lunch with my Dad and Stepmother and my brother and his girlfriend (or forgot to say happy birthday to me on my actual birthday). All in all my twenty-fifth year of life was a happy one. The good thing is I can actually go for my driving test without having to worry about building up the hours in my driving log book. Yay to the power of ten!

And what pray tell am I doing the first day of my twenty-fifth year? Exactly what I did yesterday, watching some TV shows that my hair dresser gave me on DVD and researching cold and hot process soap. Yep, I’ve decided to expand my future hand crafted business from not only doing hand poured candles but also doing organic handmade soaps. I’m very excited about making cold-processed soap (soap bars) but I did borrow out a book from the library for hot-process soap (liquid soap) as well. I thought it might be a little too hard but I’ll keep it as an option. Putting a five-year plan into action might be a good idea if I want to reach my goal of having a small boutique shop in Tasmania of handmade candles and soaps. It’s a lofty goal, but hey I think it will be fun. A whole butt load of work, but fun. I know Brian will support me and push me to reach my goal, no matter what it is. I will do the same for him and I think he’d be a wonderful hand crafter of furniture. One of a kind beautifully turned furniture.

My writing will always be my passion though. There is nothing that will stop me from writing, well maybe other than myself and not being motivated. But again I have Brian to keep me going, plus all my friends who like to put the boot in my ass whenever I get slack. Speaking of which I’ve created some great idea’s for back stories for The Brethren series. I haven’t written anymore on The Claret Skull, but the day is still young (well as young as 2pm can be) and I always write better at night. Hopefully Brian wont mind me taking an hour or so to get a few thousand words out. I highly doubt he will as long as I keep myself within sight of him.  

I will write tonight! I will!

March 31st Word Count: 1024


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