March it is

Days, months and years seem to just zip by when you’re not paying attention to them. Even though I am currently not working, and not really doing much of anything, the days seem to dissolve quicker then sugar in water.

Six more days and I’ll be twenty-five, yep I’ll be a quarter of a century old. How did that happen? One moment I was in High School wishing I was eighteen so that I could do all the things that everyone older than me was doing. Drinking, driving (not at the same time though!) getting into clubs, being able to walk into a bottle shop without the cashier eyeing you off, applying for a credit card, or a loan. All those things seemed so wonderful and beautiful and unattainable when I was under eighteen, but once I hit that wonderful age I didn’t care anymore. I don’t drink, I still have yet to get my license, I regret the hell out of getting a credit card and getting a loan is just another bill I’d have to pay. And poof I’m twenty-five, so old yet still so very young, wishing I was back to being a teenager with nothing to really care about other than who I had a crush on and if I was going to get an assignment in on time.

But alas not only is it six days until I hit that milestone in my life, one of many, it’s also the beginning of March and the beginning of my writing Goal. Three chapters (and a basic outline) of book one in The Brethren series, by the end of the month. The countdown has officially begun. If I hadn’t figured out the basic storyline and romantic entanglement over the last few days I would have been in serious trouble. As it is I have my hero and heroine, Hart and Ebony, and the villain, Sebaine, I have the who, how and why but now I need the where and when. Ebony is giving me a slight European feel, but Hart is all American. I think I might have to do a bit of mix and match and see what I come up with. Sebaine is all Italian, I know that for sure. Suave, sophisticated, excentric and a little tragic, and sardonically evil right to the core of his being. Not to mention he’s only ten years old. Didn’t see that coming did you?

So here goes the thirty-one days of blood sweat and tears. Three chapters here I come!

March 1st Word Count = 0 (for now)


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