That 7 Letter Word

Vampire. Yep I just said that word that induces eye rolls and exasperated faces across the globe. And watch me do it again. Vampire. Vampire. Vampire. Have your eyes popped out of their sockets from the eye rolling yet? I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to write this year (and yes I know it’s March in the next 9 hours so this year started a while ago) because I wanted to get back into my paranormal writing, something I’d put off for a long time.

There are only so many supernatural creatures out there that suit my style of writing. In which I mean they have to be powerful and sexy with a deep mysterious side to them. Turning something that is usually considered a monster into a sexual being isn’t an easy task and not all mythos’ allow this sexification. Red haired Leprechaun’s having at it on a dining room table with the contents of a meal strewn about them, isn’t entirely desirable.

I was trying to steer clear of Vampires for a little while because of how devastatingly saturated the market is for those kind of stories, thank you very much Twilight. And yes, that last statement was completely sarcastic, you’ll not find a more avid hatred of Twilight as is stewing inside of me. Its set back the Vampire genre about thirty years, if we ever recover from it at all. I remember when Vampire fiction was something you’d find hidden at the back of the bookstore or hidden amongst the deepest, darkest recess of the library. A cult worthy genre, which is the most desirable fact about this type of writing. It’s dark, mysterious and something you’d never admit to reading. Now, thanks to the sparkle of a “masochistic lion” the Vampire world could have been irrevocably ruined. Adding another book, or series of books, to that publishing arena wasn’t something I wanted to do until it was back to the normal exclusive nook I used to love and adore.

A was minutes away from developing a storyline for my Fae line of books when a friend of mine, a good writing friend, gave me a smack over the head and practically smooshed my face back into my Vampire series. “Who cares, by the time you’ve finished your series and its ready to be published the market wont be so saturated anymore. Write what you love.” She said. She’s completely right, I love writing Vampires, and I enjoy developing them. So here I am poised over my keyboard, characters in mind, storyline unfolding in front of me, and yet … nothing is coming out. My brain is once more blocked about where to begin, even if I have the first scene in mind and its fabulous.

The mind of a writer can be a contradiction unto itself.

P.S. Any Twilight fans out there who take offence to the bashing I just gave the series can jump off the Brooklyn Bridge (or any bridge for that matter) if you like Twilight you and I will never get along.


2 thoughts on “That 7 Letter Word

  1. Hmmm you do realise that now you MUST include a scene where red haired leprechauns are having it off on the kitchen table? Or were, until they became the meal!

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