thank the gods the day is over

Today definitely didn’t start off very good. Not only was I behind on the #nanowrimo challenge word count but my room was a complete mess. Not a conducive working environment. Early on in the morning Mum invited me to go to the beach with her. Normally I don’t go to the beach as too much sun and I burnt a nice bright red. But thinking the fresh air would do me good I agreed, but decided to write for one more hour.

In itself it was a good idea, I got 1k written, but minutes before I was about to save the power went out! All my work for the morning was lost! I was not happy to say the least. While at the beach I rewrote the scene but it put me behind once again. By the end of the day I was pretty tired and my brain was mush BUT I reached the 15k challenge word count. I’m now ahead by 5k in the overall #nanowrimo word count. Yay for small gifts.

Nano Word Count: 15 083 (as of 7pm)


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