Another day, another word

Another day of NaNo has gone by, making the total three days in, and things are still going great guns. I got up this morning worrying that yesterdays progress (which wasn’t good) would continue today. But luckily that wasn’t the case. I had a nice spurt of writing inspiration and got  good word count out. I have another writing session later on in the day that will hopefully put me over the word count I should have for the third day of NaNo.

After doing a little cleaning of the house, a bit of knitting to get the family chritmas presents up to date, I’ll be heading out to lunch with my Dad (yay!) and then back to the computer to type away the afternoon. Then I’ll be talking to B tonight. Hopefully I wont be too tired tonight because after this afternoon I wont be able to talk to him until next week 😦 Novemeber isnt the greatest month in the year it seems.

NaNo Word Count: 4100 (as of 10.30am)


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