Countdown Begins Tomorrow!

1 more day! One more day and NaNoWriMo starts for another year. And I’m actually participating this year. How exciting (and uber scary) is that?!? I’ve got less then twenty-four hours before I turn on that gorgeous, glossy black monstrosity in the middle of my desk and type my life away for one whole month. I know for a fact my mother is going to hate me this month or love me. Either she’ll love not seeing me for hours on end, getting her corner of the couch back finally, or she’ll get annoyed that I’ve stopped talking to her.

The only downside is my brain will be constantly stuck in my book no matter what I’m doing. Which means I’ll be neglecting B, not something I relish doing. I keep telling myself its only for one month, it doesn’t help of course. I’m constantly getting Writers Guilt. As understanding and supportive as he is, this month might really push him. I will just have to do something extra special after NaNo is over to make up for the ogre I’m going to turn into 🙂

Bring on the NaNo beast!


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