Goals #2

Unfortunately I got none, yep that’s right none, of my goals accomplished yesterday. Why you ask? Its pretty simple actually. Dreamweaver had a spastic and I spent four hours with a tech savvy friend trying to fix it. Which meant my goals fell by the way side AND I missed the new episode of SPN, something I never ever do. I was not pleased. Not only that but it cut into the time I have to spend with B, not good at all.

On the bright side, the bright side being B and his infinite wisdom, I’ve shuffled my goals and made Mondays goals into Wednesdays goals and I’ve got todays goals all set up. Now to make sure nothing stops me from todays goals. Perhaps I should sacrifice something to a God or Goddess. It would fit in with what I’m writing.

Goals as follows:

Finish plot outline (one story goal, two defeat attempts, black moment and HFN ending) DONE! (8.33pm)

Yep one goal that’s it. But man its a biggie! To the Goddess of Productivity (cause you know its a woman) I bequeath this here apple if you’d but grant me the power to remain on task. *shakes apple on high* pretty shiney apple…


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