Longest weekend ever!

I’ve had long, never-ending weekends before, but none so snail paced as this weekend almost passed. It’s early Sunday afternoon and I’m alone at home (my Mother having gone to the beach) I’ve just finished Dick Van Dyke’s memoir – which was a wonderful read btw – and I’m now sitting on the couch, rugged up in a blanket with the heater and television on. What am I watching? An encore episode of The Block and Australian reality tv show about renovation. Even though I’m thoroughly engrossed in this show, I love anything that has to do with renovation and building homes, I’m still feeling rather lonely.

I was supposed to go the local medieval festival yesterday, but didn’t get around to it. I regret this decision as I found out not long after the festival that one of my friends Renee and her boyfriend Johnathan had gotten engaged in front of a lot of the visitors to the festival. I won’t be making the same mistake next year. This rather lovely event has of course made it impossible for me to stop thinking about Brian and the fact we haven’t spoken for any length of time since Friday night. I did get an email from him this morning, but it wasn’t very long and kind of left me disappointed. I know he’s busy but I miss him a lot.

I guess I’ll just have to try to find another book to occupy me until tomorrow afternoon when he’ll be home. Hopefully I wont finish it before he gets home.


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