Books glorious books!

As most know I really don’t like ebooks or ebook readers (even though its a publishing area I’ll be sub’ing too). I stopped in at my local library yesterday after work, one of my favourite places to visit, and picked up some books I had on reserve; Dick Van Dyke ‘My luck in and out of show business’, The Black Dahlia by James Ellroy and Hunger Untamed by Pamela Palmer. I’m most excited about Dick Van Dyke’s memoir but I’m pretty happy about all of them. My temporary book shelf on my desk is overflowing right now, I really need to take some books back to the library.

I finished the second book in Keri Arthur’s Ripple Creek Werewolves series, Beneath A Darkening Moon and I have to say it was a rather good read and makes me want to get back to writing my Moonlight series. I really need to get a filing system for my writing I think, I’m all over the place! After work this arvo (if I’m not too tired) I’ll be putting up a review of Beneath A Darkening Moon.


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