Being Human

Finally I’ve found another show that I like just as much as SPN! And what do you know its scheduled straight after SPN officially making Monday night my favourite night. Being Human is yet another show about werewolves and vampires but with a ghost and I’m a pretty funny premise thrown in. I’m pretty sure that the show was originally a British show, but don’t quote me on that. If it is for once the Americans have actually managed to make their version passable. I won’t be able to pass judgement until I’ve seen the original version, unless this is the original version. Aiden, the vampire, is gorgeous (as he was when he starred in Smallville as a medic) and what do you know he’s in the medical profession! And so is his werewolf pale Joshua who seems more “upset” about the fact he’s a werewolf then anything else. Its more an inconvenience then a soul shredding disease like it seems to be for Aiden. Who could forget Sally, the lost Ghost who can’t leave her house (which the boys are now renting). She’s funny, adorable and quite sad in a ‘I’m dead and can’t pass on’ kind of way.

All in all I’ll definitely be watching this show again. It was either that or flicking it to seven and watching Teen Wolf, which I don’t think I’ll do because even from the previews I can tell I’ll like the Hunter better then the main guy, I think its the actor who plays the teen wolf that irritates me. They’ve compensated for his inability to act with the size of his pecs. Calling all Jacob fans! (I’m going to get so much flack for that but who cares, twihards can kiss my lily white ass!).


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