Tired, so tired.

I think I’ve been away from the workforce for too long. Since I’ve been on unemployment for so long centrelink is making me ‘work’ for the money they give me by doing 15hrs a week volunteer work. Its not bad, plus I’m adding a new skill to my resume, but the early morning starts are a killer. I’m not used to being up this early. At least I’m finished by 1pm.

On a brighter note I started work on Book #1 of the Hunters series. 1k done and I’m not too upset about it. It needs work, but its a start. Now I just have to keep going with it. The fact that the inspiration behind it (SPN) is on tonight helps 🙂


One thought on “Tired, so tired.

  1. Good luck with the early hours. I used to deliver papers really early in the morning and I was always tired. But I saw the sunrise every day. That was cool.

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