Where to sub???

That truly is the question. And I think I’ve found the answer to it. I’ve always loved reading Harlequin books, its one of the reasons I got into writing romance, one of many reasons. And I’ve always wanted to write for them, but I could never decide on which publishing line. But I think I finally have.

Harlequin Special Edition. It looks like the perfect fit for me. Now all I have to do is edit The Kincaid Legacy within an inch of its life and shoot it off, crossing my fingers and toes I at least get feedback, if not an acceptance letter. Feedback would be nice though.  I’ve also decided I’m going to sub to Carina Press & Samhain Publishing. From what I’ve heard from the girls at writechat.net they are two very good ePubs.

Send out your best wishes (and prayers if you’re religious) to me everyone.


2 thoughts on “Where to sub???

  1. Most definately sending it out for you!

    All of those pubs are great! Carina is owned by Harlequin anyway so if you go down that route you will still be being published by your favourite publisher!
    Good luck with the Kincaid Legacy. I believe it has a lot og promise!

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