Patchwork Quilt Attemp #1

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, which I’m sorry about, but life has just kind of gotten in the way of all the things I wanted to do. I’m right back into my crafts though, I’ve done 7 votive candles in the last few days (more than I need) and have figured out what I need to do (and what not to do) when making them.

Plus I’ve endeavoured to create my first patchwork quilt! I’ve never done one before and they’ve always looked like a lot of fun to make. So I bought a packet of pretty black red and white material, 100% cotton, and got to work cutting them out into squares yesterday. It took me all morning but I got about 64 squares. Once I laid them out on the dining room table I realized I didn’t need all the squares so that’s the scrapes I’ll be using to practice my stitching on.

These are the squares I cut:

This is what the patches looked like once I laid them all out, took me a little while to figure out how I wanted the pieces to fit together:

And as of this morning this is what the quilt looks like all sewn together:

Now all I have to do is purchase the bias, wadding and backing piece and I’ll be able to finish it. I think it’s big enough for a baby blanket, even though I don’t have a baby LOL.


5 thoughts on “Patchwork Quilt Attemp #1

    1. I know how to sew a little, enough to make this project it’s quite simple when you know the basics of sewing. But because I’ve never done it before I’ve found the squares don’t line up propery. There’s a sewing store down the street that offers Patchwork & Quilting classes, and I’ve enquired about them. They are very cheap and you learn at your own pace. So I’m going to save up a little money and do a few classes before I make the next project which is a throw blanket for the couch. Of course I’ll finish this project first … I’ve got a few more steps to go I just have to buy the material.

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