Why do I read so quickly? Really I think it’s more of a cures than a gift that I read at the rapid rate that I do. As you know I purchased the fifth book in Rachel Vincent’s Shifters series yesterday and only five minutes ago I finished it. I tried so hard to read slower, to go at a steady pace and to have many long breaks in between reading sessions, but alas I couldn’t help myself. It was a very good read, just as action packed and tension filled as the other books. Once more Faythe and Marc are in limbo land, the south-central Pride is ready for a fight and bloodshed and battle is on the horizon. I seriously hope that Calvin Malone gets what’s coming to him in the sixth and final book.

Alpha, the sixth book, wont be out until July so I’ve got a few months to wait. Grrr not happy with myself at all. Stupid speed reader that I am.


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