Too similar for my taste

A friend of mine – well two of my friends – suggested that I start reading Kelly Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld series, because they knew I liked paranormal romances. I bought the first book Bitten a while back and have tried several times to start reading it. The last couple of times I only got a few pages in before I put the book down, bored out of my brain.

Well I picked it up again the other day and I’ve gotten about one hundred and forty pages in and I’ve realized something … this book is eerily similar to Rachel Vincent’s Shifter series. Not in storyline but in character interaction. It also doesn’t help that its first person POV, much like Ms Vincent’s books. I’m finding myself reverting back to thinking I’m reading the Shifter books because of how similar the characters react to things. The main character, Elena, is much like Faythe in that she’s trying to stay away from the Pack and wanting her own life. She also has a love/hate relationship with the “second-in-command” member of the Pack, Clay. Much like Faythe who has the same type of relationship with her Father’s enforcer, Marc.

I’m not saying this book is bad, there are many people who love this series and this author, and if I hadn’t read the Shifter series I would have really loved this series. But the fact that I keep substituting things from Rachel Vincent’s writing makes me irritated. Plus I’m finding myself screwing my nose up at Elena whereas Faythe made me laugh and root for her.

There really isn’t any point to this blog post, I’ve just put the book down for the fifth time with an annoyed look on my face. I really want to finish it but it’s just really annoying me. Sorry Manda hon, I don’t think I can get into this series enough to enjoy it.


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