The only book series (well one of the only) that I am passionate about continuously reading and keeping tabs on is The Blackdagger Brotherhood and I can’t believe I didn’t realize that the ninth book in the series had been released on the 29th of March. I threw caution to the wind and purchased the book on amazon.com (which I do all the time) spending more on the postage than on the actual book because I wanted it on my doorstep like NOW!

Love Unleashed; Blurb

“Payne, twin sister of Vishous, is cut from the same dark, seductive cloth as her brother. Imprisoned for eons by their mother, the Scribe Virgin, she finally frees herself-only to face a devastating injury. Manuel Manello, M.D., is drafted by the Brotherhood to save her as only he can-but when the human surgeon and the vampire warrior meet, their two worlds collide in the face of their undeniable passion. With so much working against them, can love prove stronger than the birthright and the biology that separates them?”

If you’re reading this blog and you’ve never read the books, shame on you! Below I’ve placed up an image of the books I currently have sitting on their own special bookshelf, book ended by two filled bottles of Grey Goose Vodka. Yes I’ve already imbibed the alcohol but the bottles are still filled, with water. The ninth book, Love Unleashed, will be added to the collection once I’ve read it. I’m so friggin excited it’s not even funny! The other two series’ that I read religiously is the Demonica Series by Larissa Ione and the Shifter series by Rachel Vincent, which is the only first person POV series that I’ve been able to stomach.


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