Busy but not

Its been a little while since I’ve posted and I blame that completely on the fact that I’ve been so enamoured with my new phone, also I’ve been spending quite  bit of time reading lately. Since I knew as soon as April showed it’s funny little face I’d have to start writing again I decided to get right back into my reading which I hadn’t been doing while I was writing book #1 of the Coulder Ridge Series. I’m currently reading two books atm, Soulless by Gail Carriger and Bitten by Kelly Armstrong. I’ve also got the ninth book in The Blackdagger Brotherhood series coming in the mail. It should be here in a few weeks, woohoo!

Ideas have also been spewing out of my head for all these different books that I want to write. It’s good in a way but bad in another because I wanna work on so many different things when I should be working on the second book of my contemp series. So my ideas are just being written into my ideas book where I will look at them when I have the time and motivation to write them and do them justice.


2 thoughts on “Busy but not

    1. So far it is a good book, steampunk with a supernatural twist (vampires and werewolves). A friend mentioned it to me since I wanted to read a steampunk book but wanted to ease myself into the genre`. So far so good. I’ve put myself on a pretty strict writing schedule that got me through my first book, 1hr in the morning and 1hr at night of writing. No thinking just writing. It worked well and I’m currently doing the same thing for my seond novel, but I’m doing edits on my first novel at night instead of writing.

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