Good Things Come in Three’s…so do bad things though :|

The saying that things always happen in three’s is something that I whole heartily believe in. Either bad or good things always happen in triplicate. And that saying is no different today … first my brand new phone arrives! Oh yea! I wasn’t even upset that the postal delivery service showed up at my door at 8.15am, me rushing too pull my PJ top over my chest while running to the door. I was kind of glad that the delivery person was a woman, she even apologized for the earliness of her appearance. So for the rest of the day I played with my new toy (which btw is a BlackBerry Bold 9780, I’ve only had it for a day but I highly recommend it!).  And then later on this evening while chilling in one of my writing friends let me know, by pure accident, that the new Blackdagger Brotherhood book (number 9!) was released today. I didn’t even know that J R Ward had writing a ninth BDB! I was utterly shocked and pleased and stressed that I didn’t know about this happy event before today. I rushed to and purchased myself a hardcover copy. Something I know I’ll regret in the long run since I spent more on the postage than I did on the book >.< So that was the second good thing to happen to me today…I am just waiting on the third. I’ve either missed it because of the excitement over the other two or it just hasn’t happened yet. Fingers crossed it hasn’t happened yet and I’ll be having something equally as splendid appear tomorrow … maybe even the Twister DVD that I’m waiting to receive in the mail from Keri Ford ^.^


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