Snippet Thursday

I’ve seen this on a few blog’s lately, the latest one is the lovely Kaily Hart ^.^ and I’ve decided that I’m going to start doing it. Either every Thursday or every other Thursday I’m going to pop a short snippet up of the WIP I’m working on. None of the snippets are going to edited they’re just going to be straight from my Word doc.

A snippet from A Love of Convenience:

“There you go Ma’am.” He said spreading his arm to indicate the opened door.
“Thanks Grant, I’m really sorry I took you away from work. I hope your boss doesn’t give you too much grief over it.” Veronica said.
“I’m sure Sebastian will get over it.” Grant said waving as he back walked towards his truck.
“How about I make you dinner tonight?” She said stepping out onto the porch again as he reached his truck. He wasn’t sure if Veronica knew how to cook, she seemed like an eating out every night kind of girl, but anything was better than the take out he’d been having.
“Sure, I’ve got a couple more hours at work, but that’ll give you time to cook something and have it ready for when I get home.” Grant said wiggling his eyebrows at her.


2 thoughts on “Snippet Thursday

    1. haha I nearly completely forgot about this BUT I did say every Thursday OR every other Thrusdy so I’ve got one set up for this comthing Thursday. Thanks for remind me hon 🙂

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