Randomly  I had a date today…I know shocking right? We were supposed to be going to the local bar (The Pig and Whistle) but on the drive over there – yep he picked me up – we decided the weather was so terrible we’d go to the movies. Usually if I decide to go to the movies on the spur of the moment I have to wait around an hour or more for a movie to start, but we got lucky tonight and the movie we wanted to see had only started five minutes before we got there.

The movie we went and saw was Rango. I’d heard so many good things about this movie – and I’m a huge Johnny Depp fan – so I was really excited to this on the big screen. And it didn’t disappoint. What a wonderfully thought out premise and delightfully funny movie! I couldn’t stop laughing throughout the entire two hours. And the graphics were awesome, so good it was hard to really find fault or fakeness with them. You really felt like they were real creatures.

If anyone is thinking about seeing this movie I highly recommend it. Brian saw it a few days before I did and now that I’ve seen it I finally understand why he said his favourite character was Spirit of the West. Since its a spoiler I wont say anything further about that, you’ll have to go see the movie yourself to understand, like I did 🙂


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