Boredom begets boredom

Nagging Mother’s are just annoying! Mine went out last night and didn’t get back until midday today. What was the first thing she did as soon as she walked in the door? And I mean as soon as she walked in, the screen door hadn’t even banged closed before she stared on me cleaning the kitchen. And there really wasn’t anything wrong with it, just a few dishes on the sink and the cutting board hadn’t been wiped down from me making toast. Oh and the toaster was still sitting out. I was having a nice relaxing Sunday sitting in front of the TV chatting on and she had to come in and nag!

Well I cleaned the kitchen and then decided to go into my room so she couldn’t nag me anymore. Since I don’t have HD channels on my little tv I had to pick a DVD to watch…and I decided it was time to have  a movie marathon, Final Destination style! I have all three movies (I refuse to buy the fourth movie because it’s 3D, I loathe 3D) in box set format. So I’m spending the day curled up on my unmade bed, cuddling Charlie Bear and having my own scary movie marathon.

If only it was winter, it would be the perfect day!


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