tired…yep that’s right, I’m tired.

It just goes to show that going to bed in the wee hours of the morning (say 2am) isn’t the best idea and really screws up your body clock for the following day. I didn’t get out of bed until around 10.30 this morning and thus I’ve been tired all day long. And now that it’s just before 9pm I’m so wishing I was in bed. But I refuse to go to bed this early … I’m an adult and don’t have a bed time.

Plus I want to do more brainstorming on A Love of Convenience since I actually want to start the first draft next week as well as the edits on The Kincaid Legacy. If I don’t get the plotline down in the next few days for Veronica&Grant I won’t be able to start the story and if I leave it for too long I’ll never start. The psuedo-blurb that I created to go along with the cover art for the second book no longer applies to the story unfortunately. I got sick of waiting for a replay on the legal forum about the idea I had about the Will, so I scrapped it and came up with another idea. With a lot of help from the ladies at RD, thanks babes! And of course I couldn’t forget Brian, who is once again helping me iron out all the kinks with my idea. What I would do without him I have no idea.


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