Supernatural is da bomb!

My birthday went off without a hitch and it was a wonderful day, or should I say three day weekend as I had so many things happening from Friday through Sunday for my happy day. I spent Friday with my sister and her kids, my Dad and stepmother surprising me by showing up with a little party, chips, soft drink, cake and presents. Had lunch on the Saturday with my best friend and her husband since I hadn’t seem them in ages! And than Sunday, which was officially my birthday, I had lunch with my Mum and one of my brother’s before heading to drinks with a bunch of high school friends that night.

I also got some really nice presents, most of which I had asked for. Two, count that two, dress watches from my dad and stepmum…so beautiful I love them both! My mum got me the first season of Supernatural on DVD (hell yea!) and my brother has yet to get me anything. I also received a beautiful silver jewelery box from my friend Kate, she knows me so well!

The last three days have been spent finishing off the Supernatural DVDs, I’ve seent he season a couple of times but it’s fun to watch them all over again. Now I have to go and get the second season to get my next kick lol


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