Bunnies you are Crazy!

It’s only been about two days since I finished The Kincaid Legacy and already I’ve got ideas boiling away for the second book in an as yet to be named series.

A Love of Convenience is a book surrounding Veronica Smith and Grant McMahon. Veronica is the ex-fiancee of Lucas, the Hero of The Kincaid Legacy and a rich city girl who has planted roots in Coulder, a small country town. Her wealth and way of life is being threatened by a clause in her late father’s Will that states she must marry by the time she reaches the age of thirty, only ten short months away. She must marry someone or the money she has poured into the Kincaid B&B will be the only money she has left to her name…she will be broke.

Grant is an Australian citizen who has fallen in love with the Colorado town of Coulder. Unfortunately his Visa is about to expire and he’ll have to leave the country and the place that has claimed his wild heart. When Veronica Smith moves in downstairs and offers him a life line he finds he can’t refuse. Marry her and he’ll get his Visa and she’ll get to keep her fortune. What could possibly get in the way of such a perfect business deal? Surely not the growing desire and passioante affection that grows between them?

That is a very short, rough description of the idea that has started to germinate inside my head for the next book. It’ll probably change and morph when I start writing it (not until after the second draft of my first book is done though).


2 thoughts on “Bunnies you are Crazy!

    1. Yea I don’t know where the name Grant came from, but it suited him so it stuck. I’ve changed the idea of the Will though … Veronica’s father is still alive but has disinherited her. I think it works better that way. And I don’t have to worry about the legal stuff lol

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