I actually won something! Without even trying I won something! Woo! I can’t really explain how I won it because I can’t even decide on how it happened, but I made a post on a blog post that KeriFord made on Chicks N’ Scratching, and yes there was the ability to win the dvd Twister. I just made a random comment and Keri chose me to win the DVD.

I found out this morning when I logged on and one of my writer friends told me. It definitely set the tone for the rest of the day. And not five minutes after I spilled my guts to my editor about the fact I don’t see my story going anywhere (10k out from the finish). He deftly told me that it was going well and that I needed to finish. It seems the fact that I couldn’t see a goal for my heroine didn’t mean she didn’t have one. I just couldn’t see it, whereas everyone else could! LOL

So it seems I’ve won an awesome DVD and my story is going better than I had assumed, yay for me!


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