Southern Belle

After doing my scheduled hour of writing I got rather bored today. Sure I’ve sitll got to vacuum and mop the floors, but that isn’t very entertaining. While I was in the kitchen I realized I had a butt load of tea bags that I’d never used (I don’t particularly like hot tea). Since I had so many I decided I’d give Iced Tea a go. Not drinking it, as I’ve done that a million times, I mean making it. I’d never done that before and it didn’t seem to hard. Especially when Google is my best friend and best friends help you out in a time of need.

The tea is currently sitting in my fridge chilling, it’s guts filled with tons of ice. All I need now is a back porch and a porch swing, I’m feeling rather Southern right now ^.^


2 thoughts on “Southern Belle

  1. Mr. Coffee has an Iced Tea Maker. Makes the best iced tea ever! 🙂

    As for feeling southern… to truly have the southern experience, you need to make that iced tea sweet tea. It’s the one (of many) things I haven’t gotten used to since moving to the south: When you’re at a restaurant, you have to specify that you want unsweetened tea.

    1. I make mine sweet, I love sweet teas. I found a recipe that called for heaps of sugar so I thought I’d use that one. It’s delicious! Yummy and incredibly sweet.

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