30K..F’ yea!

Well I have just reached 30k word count on my WIP. I think I need to stand up and do the happy dance. It’s not officially half way yet, but it’s damn close! It’s been difficult the last couple of sessions, but it’s slowly coming together. I can’t wait to finish this first draft so I can back through and do the second draft.


2 thoughts on “30K..F’ yea!

    1. I was looking through the WIP last nigh and realized I’d stopped separated it into chapter’s after chapter four. I had to go back through and find spots where it felt natural to change to a different chapter lol I couldn’t believe I’d forgotten to do it…I was just making my word counts and not thinking about anything else. Oh and I’m now up to 38k hopefully 40 by the end of today! Woo!

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