Damn you Year of the Rabbit!

PlotBunnies: the erratic, fluffy and nauseatingly cute little pink nosed idea’s that hop around in any writer’s head until they are written about or at least placated with pats and tummy rubs.

Love/Hate Relationship: They are good when you have no idea’s and all of a sudden a PlotBunny jumps in front of you wiggling it’s fluffy white tail in your face. The downside to having PlotBunnies is they don’t stick to your schedule, they can appear (sometimes in multiples) when you’re already paying attention to one PlotBunny. When this happens they usually wont leave you alone, not caring that you already have your hands full with one of their brethren.

Worst Time: Now since it is the Year of the Rabbit (thank you Chinese Calender) PlotBunnies are running amok. I’ve never seen so many little fluffy bodies jumping around in my entire life. Little Bunnies are coming out of my ears as we speak…and because of this I’ve found this website hilarious as sometimes I wish my Bunnies would take the advice of this artist and off themselves.

Apologies to anyone out there who find this comic strip (which has been published into hardcover format and can be purchased at any chain bookstore) vulgar or insulting. I’m warning now, anyone who loves Bunnies and doesn’t want to see them harmed do not click this link. Those who find their PlotBunnies are becoming annoying right now click away and enjoy!

PlotBunnies Must Die!


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