Mirrors 2

Even though I’m not working atm (thanks to be too expensive to have on by my boss’s) I still find that I like to hire out dvd’s. I know, I shouldn’t be spending money but I usually don’t spend much. Yesterday I went for a walk (yay exercise!) and hired Legendary and Mirrors 2. I just finished watching Mirrors 2 and I have to say … once again they’ve crapped out on a sequel. There were some points were I was a little squirmy and didn’t really want to see what was happening. But other than that the storyline wasn’t that great, kind of cliche` in a way, and the actors were b-grade at best. The CGI was passable, I mean its no James Cameron that’s for sure. But Although it didn’t live up to my expectations it was still a movie I don’t regret watching (like I do regret watching Shutter Island…twice!).

The other movie that I watched was actually an incredibly good one. I really liked Legendary, but the fact that John Cena was in it helped sell the movie for me. But the other actors were awesome and the story was something that grabs you and holds you throughout the entire movie. You really want to find out what happens and if everything ends up the way you wish it would. I’m not going to give the ending away but it was a nice change. You kind of throw popcorn at the movie a bit at the end but then realize it couldn’t have ended any other way. All in all I loved this movie. I’ll definitely be buying it from JB HIFI or as an ex-rental from Blockbuster or Video Ezy.

Mirrors 2 – * *

Legendary – * * * *


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