Who needs motivation?

My schedual of one hour writing each morning and night is really working out well. Sure ten minutes before I have to start my hour I’m tempted to say “mmm maybe I’ll leave it for tomorrow” but then my word doc opens and I’m off! So far I’ve been using this technique for the last three days, not long but long enough for me to reach 14, 500 words in the last two weeks. I’m stoaked as 16k is the furtherest I’ve ever been with a manuscript. Fingers crossed I’m able to finish this one…Even though it started out as a therapudic tool to help me through stuff it’s turned into something I’m really enjoying writing.

Summer should rack off already! I’m seriously over sweaty like I pig even just sitting on the couch typing away. Laptops get rather hot on bare flesh 😛 I would glady drive my Mother wherever she wanted to go for the rest of Summer just do that I could sit in the blissful chill of her airconed car.

I also went to the Library today (again after the trip yesterday, as it’s cold) and picked up a few books. One that I’m addicted to and have had to force myself from reading so I have something for tomorrow. It’s not the type of book that I usually read, but it’s incredibly grippy. It’s called “Death at the Priory: Love, Sex and Murder in Victorian England” by James Ruddick. It’s a non fiction story about the Murder of Charles Bravo, which took place in the late 1800’s but took over one hundred years to be solved. So enthralling. I’ll have to let everyone know what it’s like once I finish, but I highly recommand everyone find a copy and read.


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