Girlie Day :)

I, myself, am not much of a girlie girl, but since I’m a little bummed over not working anymore one of the girls that I used to work with (Rachel) suggested we have a girlie day today before she started work this afternoon. So it’s coffee, cakes and shopping. Well I wont be shopping as I don’t have a job and it would be very stupid of me to be spending money on stuff I don’t need. Look at that, I have grown up ^.^

And I don’t feel so bad since I reached 10k on my WIP last night. Now that picked my spirits up considerably. Hopefully it’ll be 12k by tonight.


2 thoughts on “Girlie Day :)

  1. Awesome- have fun.
    I find shopping such a temptation even though I’m not working and have no cash. But cake and coffee is never a bad thing.

  2. Thanks Hols. Had a very good day today. Other than choosing the wrong shoes for what we were doing it went wonderfully. Had Japanese for lunch, than went for a browse in the local bookstore. After that (and because my feet were killing me) we caught the bus to the library and borrowed some books and sat in the beautiful air con.

    Brownies are now baking in the oven and I’m watching a little TV. So all in all a very good day and barely spent more than two dollars.

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