Blue Bloods

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here but I thought today warrented one. I haven’t been up to much lately (sadly work hasn’t been giving me many hours so I’ve had to stop spending money). Even my writing has started to slide. Which I’m rectifying asap.

Currently I’m working on a contemporary romance, which still has yet to be titled. So far it’s up to 7k and if I continue on with the schedual I’ve mapped out (one hour in the morning, one hour at night) than that number should steadily rise until I have a shabby first draft. So far two friends have read through what I’ve done and have given me glowing reviews. Supposidly it’s my best worst so far…I’m not entirely sure if I like that. Sure I love hearing my work is good, but because it’s contemp and not paranormal (my favourite sub genre) I’m worried. But I’ll keep at it and see where it goes.

Spoke to a writer friend (Jodie) and it seems we’ll both be watching the pilot for “Blue Bloods” on channel Ten tonight. I’ve seen the trailers for it but never intended to actually watch it. But Jodie has convinced me it will be good, so we have a tv date lol plus it means I know when to stop writing – I’m doing an hour of writing at 7.30 tonight. Should be a good night, plus if I stick to my schedual I’ll have another thousand words tacked onto my 7k.

Fingers crossed!


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