Good Weekend

I went to visit my Aunt this weekend. Which in itself is a happy occasion, but ontop of that I got to drive the entire way there (and back) which is another reason to celebrate. It means that my hours in my driving logbook go up, woohoo! I wasn’t really expecting to do too much while my mother and I were there, just a bit of lazing around the house, maybe go out for lunch or dinner. The weather wasn’t that great so didn’t expect much.

Well I was pleasntly surprised. We did quite alot, and we packed it all into one day. It was pretty late by the time we arrived so we just had a quick refresher and then went out for dinner, a nice little Thai restaurant. I was so tired from the four and a half hour trip that I barley ate anything but the spring rolls and sweet chilli sauce. The spring rolls were delicious!

The next day we of course went out for brunch (my Aunt didn’t have any food in the house as she herself had just gotten home from a holiday). The cafe we went to was rather nice, the food was good. After that we stopped in at this local Boutique movie theatre. It was so cool, this small room with little tables dotted around the place and waitress’s that stop in to bring meals and drinks in for the patrons. There’s only room for about thirty to forty people and there is only one theatre. We went and saw The Ghostwriter (a rather strange movie that was still quite entertaining). A local Art Gallery and afternoon coffee was next on the agenda before heading home and grabbing some ingredients for home made pizza.

Big day! But great weekend! It was raining the whole way home, but took a shorter amount of time for some reason. And I got some comforting news about a friend whose in the army and in Afghan right now. =D all in all a great weekend.


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