And I just hit 4k on  my WIP! F*ck yea I am so happy with myself. See I cursed I’m so happy with myself ^.^ It’s not exactly first chapter finished, but still it’s a goal I had set myself. I was speaking to my brother on FB the other night (he’s in Afghanistan right now) and he really wants to read what I have. So I promised him I’d wright 2k a night and that when the first chapter was finished I’d send him it to read over.

He’s not a fan of paranormal fiction, but for me he said he’d make an expception. Aint that just so sweet of him. I can’t wait for him to get home safe and sound.

Tomorrow is going to be a little harder for me to write my goal of 2k words because I don’t have a picture of the next scene concrete in my mind right now. I have a vague idea of what needs to happen, but nothing that would help me write the scene quickly. And I’m all about speed otherwise I get rather bored and then my mind get’s distracted.


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