Stephen King . . . U ROCK!

I had just arrived in the chatroom at RomanceDivas when one of the other Diva’s posted a link. Now usually I don’t click links because I have a healthy fear of virus’s on my computer. But I trust alot of the women on this forum and it seemed interesting.

I’m rather glad that I did click it because I have never had such a grin on my face as I did when listening to this; Stephen King Responds to Stephanie Meyer/Twilight Controversy.

Everybody knows that even though I have both movies on DVD and I own most of the books, I’m not the biggest fan of Twilight. I love vampires [reading and writing] and when it comes to these books I truly believe that Stephenie Meyer has put Vampire Literature appreciation back by at least a decade. I do think that author’s can put their own spin on the Vampire Myth as they are fiction creatures that are fluid and changeable. But sparkling vampires? Please, it’s just insulting to all other authors who write in the same genre.

I really don’t mean to author bash or anything . . . but Stephenie Meyer just thoroughly irritates me in the way she has completely nullified any real credence that vampire literature had built up until now.

Click link, you wont be disappointed.


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