My Muse the Eunich

Normally I’m pretty good with developing idea’s and storylines for my WIP’s. But for some reason I can’t think of one idea [or one GOOD idea] for my Reaper Series. I’ve got the MC’s [profiles and everything], the species that they both are, I’ve even got an idea for where it’s going to be set. When it comes to the storyline that is going to combine all these things, I’ve got nothing.

And I do blame my Muse. He’s usually quite a good muse, doing he’s work and never complaining. Ever since I castrated him though, he’s been sulking, bitching and moaning. It was his own fault, btw. If he hadn’t gone off fornicating left. right and centre when he was SUPPOSED to be inspiring me, I wouldn’t have had to resort to such drastic measures. If only I could fire him and hire someone competent.


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