Idea’s aplenty

#3 Moved from LJ

It seems that my brain is going into overdrive right now. Not only do I have idea’s for stories in my Daimon Series but I’ve just come up with several other idea’s for a Greek Mythological Series (thanks in large part to Jodie). So now I have a choice. To continue on with the series that I’m currently developing, or move onto the Greek Myth Series. OR do both?

Both series’s are going to be huge. The Daimon one has not only Vampyres, but Therians (Werewolf breeds), Faeries, Witches and Berserkers. So I have my hands full with that one. Each species has at least three books connected with it. Yea, my mind freezes just at the thought.

And with the Greek Myth Series I’ve already got about three/four book idea’s going around in my head. Seriously I need clones of myself!



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